Building Connected Communities

Zocalo Community Development is a next-generation real estate company, joining social purpose with profitability, that creates sustainable projects aligned with key demographic, market, and environmental trends.


Our core values guide our decision-making and actions to develop buildings that make communities better.


Zocalo dares to pursue a bold vision of both a better world and a better real estate development company. We encourage the risk-taking involved in thinking and acting differently from the mainstream. We are convinced that we can build a company that helps transform the real estate industry into a force for good and, in the process, rebuild and strengthen vibrant, inclusive, equitable communities and help to mend the ecosystems upon which they depend.

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Zocalo embraces diversity as essential to creating and maintaining a culture of innovation and collaboration, in the company and society at large. We recognize that business excellence and operational effectiveness require many points of view, backgrounds, and skills, and challenge ourselves openly and thoughtfully engage diverse stakeholders across our organization, and in our projects to harness their insight and wisdom. Central to this are the people that work at Zocalo. Supporting the education and growth goals and defining a roadmap for employee ownership in Zocalo all create opportunities for wealth-building and autonomy.


We encourage and expect every Zocalo employee to lead by example in both word and deed. Zocalo’s history is rich with doing the right thing where partners, lenders, community, business partners, elected officials and other Zocalo staff are concerned.

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The scale and complexity of the economic, social, and environmental challenges we face demand curiosity, open-mindedness, and compassion. There are no silver bullets or easy answers, only hard work and a willingness to test and learn from our mistakes.


Zocalo will increasingly use systems thinking as a way of understanding and changing the land use and development systems, and seeing overall structures, patterns and cycles first. Systems thinking allows us to identify the causes, not just the symptoms, of problems, and how best to fix them, within the company and in the community where we work.

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Our fundamental goal is to build a company where colleagues engage and share the excitement and hard work of Zocalo’s values and aspirations. We achieve these through teamwork and a sense of shared mission that propels us together and forward.