Amy embarked on her journey in Property Management over 25 years ago in Boulder, CO, where her passion for the industry first ignited. Initially specializing in multifamily properties for 15 years, Amy transitioned seamlessly into construction and development within the multifamily apartment sector. Over the past decade, her focus has evolved towards Hospitality and Resort Management, where she has thrived.

As a known leader in both Property Management and Hospitality Executive Management, Amy’s hallmark strengths lie in leadership and mentorship. Her exemplary leadership approach has earned her recognition on numerous occasions. Known as the go-to person in challenging situations, whether personal or property-related, Amy’s adeptness in navigating diverse and demanding scenarios is widely acknowledged.

A native of Colorado, Amy’s extensive travels have enriched her life with a plethora of captivating experiences. Committed to shaping the future of the industry and maintaining a positive influence, Amy remains dedicated to her mission.