2018 03-16 Madeline



Madeline started her career in multi-family as a Leasing Professional in Chicago, IL. She was instrumental in the success of a historical urban redevelopment and was honored with Top Shop Awards for her performance.  Madeline relocated to Denver in 2012 and joined the Zocalo family in 2014.

Madeline continued to outperform at Zocalo’s high profile communities and joined the corporate operations team in 2015.  In 2019, Madeline was promoted to the position of Director of Business and Marketing where she currently works side by side with Zocalo Principal, Susan Maxwell.

As Director of Business and Marketing, Madeline participates in all pre-development design meetings, helps to define project identity and branding, including collateral and website development and leads property management software implementation.  She oversees marketing for Zocalo and assists in analyzing market trends and research for the development team. Madeline also plays a key role in business development and strategic growth for Zocalo.

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