Zocalo is a recognized leader in LEED-certified green construction standards.


Healthy Interiors

Natural and low VOC materials improve indoor air quality and reduce chemical off-gassing.


Zocalo Sustainable Innovations

Energy-efficient and water-saving technologies reduce costs while increasing asset value.


Committed to sustainable design.

Zocalo reduces costs for residents and increases profits for owners, while protecting our shared environment.  Nationally, buildings represent 72% of electricity consumption, 39% of CO2 emissions and 14% of potable water use. Zocalo-designed communities use up to 50% less energy and 35% less water than a typical code-compliant building.

LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
Zocalo designs, constructs and manages multi-family and mixed-use buildings that meet the internationally recognized LEED green building standards. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED construction standards provide a comprehensive framework for implementing measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions. Rigorous third-party verification confirms that LEED-certified buildings are designed and built to address the following issues:*

  • Reduce operating costs and increase asset value
  • Reduce waste sent to landfills
  • Conserve energy and water
  • Lower indoor off-gassing and toxins to greatly improve air quality
  • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions
  • Qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in hundreds of cities
  • Demonstrate an owner's commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility

*Source: www.usgbc.org

For additional LEED information, please visit http://www.usgbc.org.

LEED Certification
Zocalo is proud to have developed the first LEED multi-family project in the Rocky Mountain Region.   This project, Riverclay, was completed in 2008 and achieved LEED Silver.    Continuing to set new standards, Zocalo’s next project, Solera, was the first LEED Gold multi-family in Downtown Denver

Non-Potable Irrigation
Colorado water laws prohibit collection of rainwater; however Zocalo was determined to develop a system to use non-potable water for tree irrigation.  At Solera Apartments, Zocalo designed a gravity fed elevated cistern to supply street trees with water collected from flushed fire hydrants.  Together with City agencies, Zocalo secured approvals for this novel system, which now serves as a model for future development.  Importantly, this innovative solution also illustrates the need for change in regional water laws to allow for larger scale use of rainwater and other non-potable sources for irrigation.

Street Tree Planting
Street trees in urban environments typically die before reaching maturity due to harsh urban conditions and limited root space.  In partnership with the City of Denver Forester, Zocalo designed a street tree planting system that doubles the available soil, air and water available to planted trees.  The design incorporates septic pipe, a perforated inverted u-shaped pipe that extends below the sidewalk and connects multiple tree root zones.  Permeable sidewalk vents permit rainwater and air to reach the expanded root system.  The City is now recommending this technique for future streetscape improvements.

Solar Mortgage Program
Zocalo was one of the first developers nationally to offer individual photovoltaic systems to condominium buyers. Buyers at RiverClay were are able to purchase a 1.26 kilowatt photovoltaic array that was directly connected to their utility meter, running the meter backwards and reducing energy consumption by as much as 50 percent.  Better still, with available rebates, tax credits, and a reduction in the mortgage rate from our lender, residents could own the system at a “near zero” cost.  This program was selected by the Environmental Defense Fund as one of the top green innovations of 2009.

Advanced Energy Saving Technologies
Saving energy is fundamental to green development.  Zocalo starts with computer modeling to carefully select energy systems that are custom-designed to balance energy savings with investment costs. These systems include:

  • Energy-efficient lighting:  We select compact fluorescent and LED fixtures, and incorporate lighting control systems and occupant sensors that dim lights up to 50% in common areas when not in use.
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling:  RiverClay incorporated 90% efficient hot water heating systems. At Solera, two 99% efficient central boilers provide all heating and domestic hot water. Programmable residential thermostats improve comfort while saving energy.
  • Energy monitoring and feedback:  In-unit displays provide instant feedback on the production of rooftop solar systems, and the real-time power consumption of residents.  This “feedback loop” is the new frontier in energy savings.
  • Building envelope:  Energy-saving construction includes R-21 exterior wall systems with cellulose insulation, white roofs to reduce heat gain, argon-filled, double-glazed windows, and passive solar shading devises.
  • Solar Powered Technology:  RiverClay’s 45-kilowatt array and Solera’s 26-kilowatt array are among the largest arrays serving multi-family projects in the Denver region.

Advanced Water Saving Technologies

  • Water-efficient fixtures: Low-flow 1.6 GPM showerheads, high-performance water faucets and, dual flush toilets (with a big button for a full flush and a small button for a half flush), which saves up to 40% in water use.
  • Non-potable irrigation: Solera’s gravity-powered cistern collects water from non-potable sources to apply during landscape irrigation.

Material and Resource Conservation
Construction consumes enormous amounts of resources, while generating tremendous waste.  We utilize durable, attractive materials made from recycled sources, and carefully manage projects to reduce waste.

  • Recycled and local materials:  natural linoleum flooring, solid surface countertops with 38% post-consumer content, cellulose insulation made from shredded newspaper, and FSC-certified trim and doors.
  • Recycling of construction waste:  Zocalo sorts and recycles waste even on challenging dense urban sites, which requires creative planning, coordination and diligence.  Zocalo proudly recycled more than 82% of construction waste at Solera.

Healthy and Comfortable Interiors
“Green” buildings are healthier places to work and live. Our rigorous attention to material selection and construction methods improves the quality of the indoor environment and provides for comfortable living. Materials and components contributing to these goals include:  

  • Low VOC-containing paints and adhesives: Improve indoor air quality for residents while reducing the impact on global warming.
  • Wool carpets: Derived from a natural, renewable material, these carpets will not “off-gas” toxins in the same manner as most synthetic carpets.
  • High-efficiency blown-in cellulose insulation: This material reduces manufacturing energy by 30%. Blown-in, recycled newspaper insulation creates a far greater thermal barrier than typical fiberglass insulation bats, and contains no added formaldehyde.
Triple-insulated windows reduce noise for better indoor environmental environment
26kW Solar array reduces utility expense and provides sun shading
Gravity-fed water storage cistern uses recycled water for irrigating landscaping
Over 82% of construction waste at Solera was recycled
Decks provide shading, lessening air conditioning costs
Awnings provide shading, lessening air conditioning costs
Located on dedicated Bike Lane; Velo Room at Solera supports the bike enthusiast
Proximity to Light Rail, bus; within five-minute walk of any downtown building
Highly Energy Efficient Energy Star© Appliances
No added urea/ formaldehyde cabinets. No new-car smell.
Recycled quartz countertops.
High-efficiency heating and cooling system saves 50 percent in utilities.
Recycled vinyl flooring; off-gassing in someone else's home.
Recycled newspaper insulation; a better insulator acoustically and thermally.
Healthy Interiors with low-VOC paints, adhesives and FSC wood.
High efficiency lights, reduce demand by 80%.


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